Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Dentist

San Diego, CA


  • The Dental CEO
  • The Predictable Smile Makeover
  • The New Patient Closer
  • Treatment Plan With Confidence

I can give you my resume where I can tell you that I played pro soccer, received my MBA and became a doctor but that isn’t really the true value of what I can bring you personally. My value will be to share with you all of my failures and how I persevered when everything was dark, when I had no money or credit. I can tell you that I studied a total of 13 years after high school but I am not sure how that helps you in being a professional in the real world. In the end if you are looking for a safe, honest presentation with someone that has spoken for some of the biggest companies in the world and has spoken on multiple stages in front of thousands of dental professionals then we are both in luck. Let’s get started and let me help you gain the confidence and passion you once had and help you enjoy putting your head on the pillow every night not worried or stressed about what the next day will bring.



I just completed the latest FAM course. Like most, my goal for attending was to learn the FAM workflow. A huge unexpected bonus was getting to meet and hear Dr. Shahin Safarian talk about being the CEO of my full arch practice. The topics he covered & questions he posed were quite thought provoking. - Vital business statistics that I should know, but didn’t. - Things that I knew were important, but ones that my clinician brain hadn’t spent enough time on. My plan post FAM-week now includes coaching work with him focusing on the CEO in me. Time that I know will generate a huge ROI to me and my busy practice. ” - Dr. Jeff Lynch, Texas


Can’t say enough about Dr. Safarian’s presentation! It was a masterful blend of humor, wit, truth, and reality. His approach on mindset is like that of an elite coach whose aim is to maximize his athlete’s full potential. Looking forward to taking my practice to the next level with his coaching!! ”

- Dr. Shreed Sista, Texas


(Half Day Or Full Day Course)

The day you graduate dental school you are no longer a dentist and need to have a shift in mindset. The problem is 98% of dentists continue to think like dentists and struggle in the "real world" of dentistry. This course will cover:

  • The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • CEO responsibilities
  • Business Metrics
  • Operations and Systems


(Half Day Or Full Day Course)

One of the most simple and powerful procedures we can provide for our patients is a smile makeover. So why are so many dentists not doing them? This course will cover:

  • How To Find The Right Patient
  • Get The Patient To Say YES
  • Preparation Protocols
  • Cementation Protocols


(Half Day Or Full Day Course)

Whether we like it or not we are in the business of sales. Most everything in dentistry is "elective" procedures. The fact is we can live without teeth. It is not a great way to live and the quality of life drops but it’s possible. This course will help prepare the doctor and team member to:

  • Difference Between Sales and Closing
  • Discuss what is in a sales funnel
  • Master Case Presentations
  • Importance Of Following Up


(Half Day Or Full Day Course)

Being the authority and in control during treatment planning is a skill. Most dentists lack the ability to establish respect from the patient because they don’t have a blueprint on how to treatment plan and lack communications skills. This course will cover:

  • The New Patient Exam
  • The Art Of Listening
  • What Is The Best In Dentistry
  • Permission Statement

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