Dr. Shahin Safarian

Dr. Shahin Safarian

Dr. Shahin Safarian is a cofounder of lovebites as well as our business management instructor. He is also a highly experienced, well-trained, and talented dentist.

He has built up his dental practice in the San Diego area to two thriving clinics, and to share the wisdom behind his success, he founded 7 Figure Dental Practice, offering consulting and other solutions to dentists who want to achieve success in their dental practice.

Always a Pro

When Dr. Safarian moved to San Diego, it was as a professional soccer player, playing for the San Diego Sockers and Puebla F.C. He learned lessons in hard work, determination, and the value of teams, before seeking his dental degree. He was accepted to Tufts School of Dental medicine, then one of the top six dental schools in the country.

Dr. Safarian saw his DMD as just the first step in a long chain of dental training, all designed to make him one of the most recognized dentists in the country. Since graduating, Dr. Safarian has averaged about 150 hours of continuing education each year. He has achieved the rank of LVI Graduate, a rare honor among dentists.

His training is diverse, including cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, orthodontics, and more. In addition, his years of dental experience have taught him many important lessons in clinical and commercial dentistry.

Sharing His Wisdom

When Dr. Safarian looked at the success he’d achieved with his dental clinics, he wondered why other dentists weren’t able to achieve the same success.

Part of the problem was personal: dentists often set obstacles in their own way. The purpose of 7 Figure Dental Practice is to help remove those self-imposed obstacles through a combination of consulting and strategic partnerships.

However, another part of the problem was that it was hard to go it alone. He felt that dentists could give themselves better odds of success by banding together into a nationwide network dedicated to quality dentistry, but capable of offering that dentistry at a more affordable cost accessible to more potential patients. That became the seed for lovebites.


August 18, 2022 at 10 pm PST With Natalie Brunell

Title: Understanding Bitcoin, Crypto and NFTS

Join Dr. Safarian

Dr. Safarian invites you to join him as part of the grand experiment of lovebites. In addition to the other benefits of membership, you will gain instruction through regular webinars hosted by Dr. Safarian and his lovebites cofounders.

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