Do crooked teeth make you unwilling to show your smile? Do you wish you could close gaps in your smile or space out crowded teeth? Orthodontics is a procedure that will move your teeth to give you a beautiful, straight smile.

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What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics literally means “straight teeth.” It’s the branch of dentistry that deals with moving teeth to put them in a healthier and/or more attractive configuration. While there are dental specialists called orthodontists, every dentist is technically qualified to perform orthodontics.

There are many types of orthodontics. Braces are the traditional form of orthodontics, which uses wires, elastics, and brackets bonded to your teeth to move your teeth into position.

More recently, aligner therapy, including the brand Invisalign, uses a series of clear plastic aligners designed by computer to move your teeth into the desired position. Other fixed and removable appliances are also available to move your teeth.

Some dentists use the phrase functional orthodontics to refer to procedures that not only move your teeth, but try to stimulate growth of the jaw to make room for your teeth and all the tissues supported by your jaw, including your airway.

What Can Orthodontics Do?

Orthodontics works by applying consistent pressure to your teeth. This pressure works in a precise direction to stimulate the body’s natural bone remodeling mechanism, which removes bone from one side of the tooth and builds it up on the other side, allowing the tooth to move, tilt, rotate, and more.

A lovebites dentist can correct:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Bad bite
  • Some aspects of facial appearance

Moving your teeth can correct many common complaints people have about their smiles, giving them a straight, even smile. It can’t, however, correct the shape or size of teeth, which is why some people choose veneers instead of or in addition to orthodontics. Teeth whitening is another common supplement to orthodontics.

The extent to which your bite can be improved with orthodontics depends on the specific bite problems and their severity. Overbite, underbite, and crossbite can all be corrected, depending on their nature.

Because your teeth and jaw provide the structure for the lower third of your face, rearranging your teeth and, especially, stimulating your jaw, can improve some aspects of your facial appearance. You can correct a receding chin, a narrow jaw, an underbite, or other aspects of your appearance.

Why Your Dentist Matters

Your dentist matters because not all dentists are well-trained in orthodontics. You might consider going to an orthodontist, but many cosmetic dentists have a good track record of achieving great results for their patients. Your dentist should also be able to determine the best way to improve the appearance of your smile.

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