If you have lost one or more teeth, dentures are an affordable option for replacing them. Dentures can look attractive and improve your ability to speak and eat. Many people think that all dentures are the same, but the truth is that there is a wide range of quality in dentures, and what type you get will determine how they will look, function, and feel.

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What Are Dentures?

In its broadest sense, the term “denture” refers to any tooth replacement. Some people keep using the word this way, such as when they call a dental bridge a fixed partial denture. However, most of the time, when we talk about dentures, we are referring to a removable tooth replacement, although some implant-supported dentures are fixed.

Partial dentures replace one or a few missing teeth. The replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base. The base rests on top of the gums, and might be held in place with metal hooks and clasps that loop around your natural teeth, although some modern dentures use soft retention systems.

Full dentures are designed to replace all the teeth in one dental arch (top or bottom). Full dentures are held in place mostly by suction created by the seal against the floor or roof of the mouth. Because there’s more free area on the top of the mouth than the bottom, top dentures are usually much more secure than bottom dentures.

What Can Dentures Do?

Dentures can restore much of what you lost when you lost your natural teeth. They can:

  • Look attractive
  • Help you chew
  • Improve speech
  • Support your jaw
  • Rejuvenate your appearance

Dentures can replace the appearance of your natural teeth. They can look attractive and natural. In most cases, people won’t be able to tell you have replacement teeth without looking closely, or if your dentures come loose.

Dentures won’t let you chew like natural teeth, but they are better than having no teeth. You will have to learn a new technique of chewing, but you will find that you can actually eat most foods.

Teeth are essential to clear speech. If your dentures fit well and stay in place, they can make your speech much clearer than if you simply had no teeth. It takes practice to adjust, but once you do, you will find that you are able to speak quite well, even when you’re speaking loudly to large public forums.

Dentures can also perform the vital function of supporting the lower third of your face. This is important for the comfort and health of your jaw, as well as maintaining a more youthful appearance. Without teeth, the lower part of your face will collapse, but dentures can reverse this, reducing the sunken look that comes with lost teeth.

Why Your Dentist Matters

As we mentioned, dentures come in a wide range of qualities. Low-quality dentures achieve little or none of the potential of dentures. They look fake, are uncomfortable to wear, don’t chew properly, can be hard to speak with, and make you look older. High-quality dentures are more likely to give you all the benefits of dentures.

The quality of dentures offered by a dentist depends on their training, their skill, and their decision to offer quality dentures. lovebites has partnered with leading dentists across the country, including your area. These dentists are committed to offering quality dentures, and offering them at a discount because they can.

Why Your Lab Matters

A dental lab is critical to getting the highest quality dentures. Low-quality dentures often don’t go to a lab at all–a dentist has an assortment of dentures in their office and they see which one fits you best.

The dental lab is responsible for properly following your dentist’s instructions in making your dentures. If a lab can’t understand or isn’t capable of following your dentist’s instructions, you won’t get the quality dentures your dentist designed. Not all dental labs are capable of offering the highest quality dentures, so it’s important to know where your dentist is sending your denture.

lovebites has partnered with Las Vegas Esthetics (LVE) is one of the leading dental labs in the US. LVE manufactures top-quality dentures and supplies them to our dentists at a discount, which means they can pass the savings on to you.

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